Drive In Theatre by Curren$y

9 September 2019

The Drive in Theatre

The rapper Curren$y has secured himself as my all time favorite rapper. I love his laid back style, interesting verses, amazing beats, and the featuring artists he brings onto projects he releases. Over the two years he has been on a roll dropping great mixtape after great mixtape such as Bales, Cigarette Boats and New Jet City, but he outdid him self when released The Drive in Theatre. The theme of his most recent mixtape was โ€œThe Godfatherโ€ which he displayed by adding segments of the movie into the beginning and end of each track. Each track has a different featuring artist or has only Curren$y over the beat, but are individually great and unique. He displays his wide spectrum of styles by bringing on featuring rappers such as Freddie Gibbs, B-Real, Young Roddy, and Action Bronson. Behind the scenes producing the songs are well known people like Cardo, Cooking Soul, and my personal favorite, Thelonius Martin.

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Each song and beat tells a different story and shows Curren$yโ€™s diversity of vibes he gives to the listeners. I thoroughly enjoyed this mixtape and have recommended it to many of my friends and heard many positive things about it. I highly recommend giving this tape a listen because it appeals to all different tastes and styles of music.

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