Drones(2015) by Muse

9 September 2019

Muse is a progressive/alternative rock band that have had a pretty successful career since the 90s when they formed. Since then with albums like Supermassive Black Hole, Origin of Symmetry and The Resistance there is alot of charm and epicness to much of their works. Also, despite their sound, the entire band is only three members and so every one of them have alot of talent.
Drones is a concept album that deals with a man who lives in this post-apocalyptic world and becomes a soldier by force. After a while he begins to break down and starts to be crazy and philosophical on his life and the world around him. You get to see his life permanently changing for worse and by then it’s too late. It almost seems like he’s became a drone himself, like he’s been brainwashed. Very deep and harsh sounding story and some might say it’s a reflection of our world today. The music its self isn’t quite as epic sounding as their previous works. Instead it sounds more like what Coheed and Cambria would do with Muse charm sprinkled in here and there. With tracks like Psycho, Revolt and the three part suite Aftermath, The Globalist and Drones with the latter sounding like a Gregorian Chant meets Pink Floyd scenario. Then we have the transition tracks Captain Sargent and JFK I believe. Sargent introducing the protagonist to the world of war and the military and JFK gives us an excerpt of one of his speeches when he was president here in the US. It gives a sense of some military confinement and can also show how the protagonist becomes psycho all of a sudden. A very deep story and has some interesting points and sometimes reflects our world today as well.
I give this an 8.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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