Current users are classified as those who have used drugs during the six months before the conduct of the survey. Regular users are those using drugs at least once or twice a week for the previous six months. Occasional users are those who have used drugs once or twice a month for the past three months. Methamphetamine hydrochloride, or shabu, and marijuana, are the most popular drugs of choice among these users, followed by cough syrups and inhalants. There is no exact figure of Filipino children confirmed as drug users.

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Trends however, show an alarming rise in their number based on those who were confined in ehabilitation or residential centres. According to the DDB, those aged 1 9 and below made up 18. 49 percent oftotal patients in 1998, rising to 22. 13 percent in 2001. The majority of patients of these centres for the same period are from the 15-29 age group (61 Drug use is also prevalent among street children. Inhalants, such as rugby, are the substance of choice among these children because it is cheap and readily available.

According to the National Program on Street Children being implemented by the Department of Social Work and Community Development, about 90,000 kids living on he street were provided with various assistance In 2001 , including counselling, treatment for drug abuse, and livelihood tralnlng for their parents. Records show that, In 2002, the number of barangays (the basic polltlcal unit) with households having members who are drug abusers stood at 8. 68 percent – or 3,645 of the countrys total of 41,945 barangays.

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