Drug Testing in the Workplace

4 April 2015
This paper discusses whether the costs for drug testing in the workplace are greater than the benefits.

The paper introduces drug testing in the workplace as a controversial issue. There are those who hold the position that it is an invasion of privacy. On the hand there are those who believe that in today’s society drug testing is a necessary evil, regardless of the invasion of privacy issue. The paper shows that the goals of employee drug testing include improvements in workplace safety, productivity and product integrity, however, as a decline in the use of drug testing by companies would suggest, drug testing programs did not meet these goals. This research supports the theory that drug testing in the work place does not improve productivity, and that it costs more money than it saves for companies. The author makes use of illustrations and graphs to support his argument.
Table of Contents
The Reliability Issue
Trends in Drug Testing
Does Drug Testing Improve Productivity?
The Costs of Drug Testing
Conclusion and Recommendations

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