Drug Trafficking Proposal

1 January 2017

The reason this was chosen was because there are so many issues that surround this topic. These issues are growing more and more each year. Some of these issues are not enough border patrol to stop drugs from entering the U. S. , more drugs each year are entering the U. S, drug related deaths are on the rise, and the funding to increase border patrol. There is a lot of information to research and argue about this topic. To limit this topic the plan is to choose a couple of the issues above.

There is enough information to argue those points. The points to be argued are not enough border patrol, more drugs are entering the U. S. each year and drug related deaths in drug trafficking. The United States government must work to reduce drug trafficking by adding more border patrol. The nature of this problem is the government already spends billions each year trying to keep the drugs from entering the United States.

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Due to the increase in drugs entering and drug related deaths, they need to increase the amount of officials they have patrolling the borders.

It would be more productive, yet more costly. By increasing border patrol it will reduce the drugs into the U. S. and reduce drug related deaths. There are a lot of Government websites and articles in the school library on this topic to reference while researching this issue. Scholarly journals, reference books and some news media articles are going to be the best types of sources to use on my research of drug trafficking. Finding these in our library, google scholar and internet have been the best sources to find this information.

The U.S Government Homeland security says border patrol is better staffed now than it was 86 years ago when they first started patrolling the border. In 2010 they got additional funding to add another 1,000 patrol. They now have over 20,000 agents. The United States estimates that it will spend over 3 billion dollars in 2012 on just border patrol alone. In 2010 more than 4 million pounds of narcotics was seized at the border. That number is expected to increase, even with the increase in border patrol. β€œCBP seized $147 million dollars in currency (inbound and outbound) at and between U.S. ports of entryβ€”a more than 30 percent increase from last fiscal year. (Factsheet 2010)”

This problem is also causing a lot of violence at the border, people are getting killed every day trying to smuggle drugs in. Roughly 13,000 people were killed in Mexico by drug violence in the first part of 2011. If we increased the border patrol maybe these people would see it’s not so easy to smuggle drugs in anymore. People are using these drugs everyday and people are dying every day from drug use. Heroin in the United States is one of the leading drug killer, followed by cocaine.

The United States gets about 90 percent of its heroin from South America. This has more than doubled over the past ten years. Heroine is a highly addictive drug, this is the reason it is still being smuggled in by the millions of pounds each year. It’s in high demand. Reports show over 20,000 people die from overdose of drugs each year. From 1990-2005 heroin was the leading drug killer.

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