Drugs in Schools

4 April 2015
Problems & solutions. Examined in terms of drugs abused, incidence, at-risk students, reasons for use, abuse-prevention programs, peer pressure, health education and community approach. Includes examples.

Today’s adolescents are heavily involved in the drug culture, and drug-related activity is increasingly invading the school environment. Students come to school high and some brazenly use drugs on school property. Drug dealing, once a rare occurrence on school campuses, is not uncommon. Given the disruptive effect of drugs in a learning environment, the creation of drug-free schools in the educational system is a critical issue.

Schools were once considered safe zones from illegal drug-related activities, but those days are past. As Berliner and Biddle (1995) point out, Since the 1960s large amounts of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and hallucinogens have been sold to America’s youth, and a good deal of that drug trade has been conducted in America’s schools (p. 233). Schools have responded..

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