Druids: Past and Present

4 April 2015
This paper studies the religious beliefs and practices of the Druids.

The paper discusses Druids in Celtic times and mentions the recent revival of Druidism in Britain. Information was gathered from ancient literature in which Druids have made frequent appearances.
Table of Contents
How Druids Legend have Survived
Who Were the Druids
Why Druids Emerged
Worship Method: Stone Circles
Culture and Festivals of Druids
Druids Today
“Mysteries and legends may appear to many as fabricated stories that made their appearance from time to time for the purpose of sheer entertainment. Hence, they feel that these mysteries do not hold much attraction except for providing man with temporary entertainment and mostly are forgotten by both the storyteller and his audience the moment the gathering comes to an end. But why have some legends managed to withstand the test of time? ”
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