Drunk Driving

6 June 2017

Know the Consequences At a young age, I encountered situations that forever altered my perspective on certain situations. Death is a part of life; we live, and we die. However I strongly believe if we make better choices, our lives can be prolonged. As I research how every day in America, 27 people die in an impaired driving fatality every 53 minutes it brings me back to the time I lost my role model. My cousin Heath’s poor actions not only cost him to lose his life, but others lives were lost to. At the time, I never grasped how many people drink and drove.

I had always thought it was common sense, everybody should know not to do it. As I got to High school I fully comprehended how much stupidity everybody had concerning the matter. I quickly learned the term “Designated Driver” really meant who could be belligerently drunk, but be able to keep in in between the lines the best. Car crashes are the leading cause of Death’s involving teenagers. At least one quarter of those deaths are due to drunk driving. Seeing the consequences of impaired driving first handedly has forever changed my life.

I pray that people would research and see for themselves how absurd driving nder the influence is. How it not only can affect your life, but others lives to. Studies show that alcohol quickly and effectively manipulate and effect the human brain. Ones brain is referred to as an “Intricate Maze” made up of particular connections that run our physical and psychological processes. Disruptions of these connections (Alcohol) completely alters the way our brain functions. The consumption of too much alcohol hinders the pace of communication between neurotransmitters found in your brain.

In other words you don’t think logistically. Here’s a few regions of he brain that are mostly effected when consumption of alcohol. Cerebellum- this area controls morot coordination. Damage to the cerebellum results in a loss of balance stubling, and also may affect cognitive functions such as temporary and emotional response. Limbic System- this complex brain system monitors a variety of tasks including memory and emotion. Damage to this area impairs each of these functions. Cerebral Cortex- Our abilities to think, plan, BEHAVE INTELLIGENTLY and interact socially stem from this brain region.

In addition, this area connects the brain to the rest of the nervous system. Changes and damages to this area impair the ability to solve problems, remember, and learn. If we could better our education about the consequences of impaired driving, we could prevent the life changing situations that you are about to read about. May 14, 1998 is a date that will forever be remembered in Carrollton Kentucky. Unfortunately it is not a day to remember for good. It was a day of heartrending. Thirty-six year old Larry Mahoney drove his Toyota Tacoma down the opposite side of the road on Interstate 71 (People).

He had a head on collision with a school bus full of verybody inside. Twenty-four children and three adults perished in the fire. Of those whom escaped, twelve suffered from severe burns. They were coming home from a church convention. All of those little children lost their innocence and they will never get it back. As I read what some of the survivors have to say about the accident, I find myself having to hold back tears. “l couldn’t breath. I knew my life was over and felt that frantic feeling that can’t be described unless youVe gone through it”. Someone on the outside grabbed my arm, put their foot on the bumper and iterally pulled me out” I hit the asphalt and started running. Even though I couldn’t see anything because my eyes were swollen shut I could hear the screams and the explosions” (Harold Dennis). “I’d lost all of them. Words cant even begin to describe the loneliness, hurt and complete emptiness that I felt” (Lee Williams). Williams lost his wife and his two daughters in the accident. Did Mahoney intend for that tragic accident to happen? No. However, it did due to his actions.

The story that truly touched my heart as I was researching for this essay is a story bout a girl who was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela with the name of Jacqueline Saburito. Saburito took a break from college to live out the “American Dream”. She moved to Texas to learn English. She had been in Texas for a month, when an accident occurred that completely changed her life. She and five others were coming home from a birthday party in Austin, Texas Just after four in the morning on Sunday, September 19, 1999. In another car was an eighteen-year-old Reggie Stephie.

Stephie was known as a stereotypical “Joce, who had hopes of attending college on an athletic scholarship. He was out drinking with his friends, and attempted to drive home knowing he had too much to drink. His car drifted across the centerline and crashed into the car Jacqueline and her friends were in. Two of the five died immediately. Saburito encountered third-degree burns over sixty percent of her body after the car had caught on fire. As I was reading the story about this young girl it was as if I was paralyzed. I couldn’t take my eyes off the computer screen because I truly couldn’t comprehend how strong, and admirable Saburito is.

She told the intoxicated driver she didn’t loathe him for what he had done. That she had complete forgiveness in her heart for Stephie. As I said before, I have first handedly encountered the consequences of impaired driving. IVe seen lives ruined because of the foolish decisions we make by getting behind the wheel after one too many. Is it worth killing innocent children? Or to take the life of someone who was loved by so many. Someone who had ambitions and goals that are now thrown away because of something that can be one hundred percent prevented. Todays society needs to grow up; we need to put our foot down.

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