Dubai mall

7 July 2016

I-Introduction Good afternoon everyone, today I am going to take on a tour around the most visited places inside Dubai mall. But first let me introduce you to the mall so you have a little more knowledge about it. The road you take to get to the mall is the Financial Center road also known as Doha Street. Dubai mall opened on the 4th of November with 1200 shops making it the biggest mall in the world. It is 12million square ft. which is equivalent to more than 50 football fields.

It is 4 floors over 1400 parking spaces in 3 car parks and is part of the 20 billion downtown Dubai complex. In 2012, it attracted 65 million visitors from all over the world which is more visitors than New York City, 52 million, and LA, 41 million. Now, let’s begin with the tour around the main amusement attractions, the aquarium and underwater zoo and the dancing fountain. II-The first stop on our tour is the aquarium and the underwater zoo which is located inside the aquarium and are the main center of attraction for visitors and tourists from around the world.

Dubai mall Essay Example

A-it’s unbelievable dimensions earned it a spot in the Guinness book for breaking the record of the largest acrylic panel in the world and having a zoo inside. 1-the aquarium starts on the ground floortaking you to the first and second floor from the inside of it. It is reached by going straight from the main gate and it has a very clear view from the first floor. The acrylic panel is actually 32. 88m wide, 8. 3 m high, and 750mm thick weighing 245 tons. It can bear the pressure of 10 million liters of water.

It is larger than Japan’s Okinawa Churaumi aquarium, which was the largest acrylic panel, with 22. 5m wide, 8. 2m high and 600 mm thick. B-The real experience begins when entering the inside of the aquarium, not just viewing it from the outside. 1-the aquarium is home to more than 33,000 animals of 85 different kinds of species and 400 rays and sharks combined and you can go inside the tunnel so you see the animals swimming all around you. There are many

activities to be done in the aquarium like glass bottom boat rides that take you on a ride on the surface of the aquarium, cage snorkeling experience which allows you to dive into the aquarium and play with the fishes while you are in a cage so you don’t end up being the lunch of the sharks, and for adventurous people you can dive into the aquarium without the cage to have the ultimate experience and you can even sign up for a 2 day scuba diving lesson and get a certificate. On top of that, there’s the ocean school which teaches people of all ages everything about the sea and its creatures.

The aquarium sold over 60000 tickets on the first 5 days of opening. An accident happened on the 25th of February 2010; the aquarium had a leak that forced shoppers to immediately leave the mall and many shops to temporarily close down causing a part of the mall to close. The cause of the leak is unknown 2-after you finish walking through the tunnel; you will pass by a themed restaurant and souvenirs, next to that you will find the entrance to the underwater zoo which is on the second floor, from inside the aquarium.

It is divided into 3 parts, the rainforest, the rocky shore and the living ocean that brings you face to face with giant catfish, dangerous piranhas, a penguin colony and playful otters. II-The second and final stop is going to be on the fountain that is located outside. A-The view from the outside of the mall is amazing that is reached by going down 2 levels from the zoo to get to the ground floor and going straight till you see the outside. 1-The first view is the fountain which is the most famous feature of the mall. It is set in the Burj Khalifa lake right outside the mall on the ground floor.

It can be seen from anywhere outside, whether you’re sitting in any cafe or walking around. It shoots water up to 150 meters which is equivalent to a 50 story building and is 275m long and has 5 circles that vary in size and 2 central arcs. It has 25color projectors that perform a show of over 1000 attractions. It dances to famous Arabic and Italian music. The afternoon show is at 1:00 pm and 1:30 pmand the night show begins at 6pm every day and goes on every 30 minutes till 11:30 pm and each show lasts about 3-5 minutes.

2- 2-The second is burj Khalifa; the tallest tower in the world. It is located right behind the fountain in the middle of Downtown Dubai. Be careful though because your neck will start to hurt from bending backwards to the see the whole tower. It is visited by tourists everywhere not only for being the tallest tower but also from the many times it has been mentioned in the Guinness book for winning several awards and breaking many records.

B-There are a few places where you can get the best view of the fountain show 1-The fountain can be seen from anywhere outside but sometimes it’s hard to see it because of all the people standing in front of you. There are a few places where you can have the best view like Joe’s cafe which has a balcony and is located on the 1st floor, cafe Havana located on the ground floor also has a balcony, cafe mandaline on the ground floor too and is located outside on the Dubai mall promenade.

So if you ever want to go there and can’t see the fountain properly, make sure to visit these places to get the best view. III-conclusion In conclusion, tourists from all over the world always visit Dubai mall when they are in Dubai to see the 33000 sea creatures in the aquarium, visit the rainforest, rocky shore and the living oceans that are located inside the aquarium and enjoy a beautiful show by the dancing fountain all in one place so whenever you are in Dubai, make sure to go there. I hope this tour was beneficial and will help you know your way through the mall whenever you are there, Thank you.

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