12 December 2017

Here’s first Masc. were Coke La Rock and Clark Kent, and they added their own commentaries to the songs. Coke La Rock made up rhythmic poems that gained in popularity and were the first raps. Others soon followed, and rap music was born. The genre has been written off many times as a fad by people who didn’t understand It, but It has refused to die.

Africa Bumboat, one of the first rappers [source: Rolling Stone], hoped to use hip-hop as a way to speak out against the violence culture that had developed among many poor Inner-city groups.But later rappers, like DRP. Deer and Snoop Dog, chose instead to develop hardcore rap, which glorifies the lifestyle. The genre predictably drew the anger out of parents, authority figures and some listeners, but its popularity was undeniable. Artists argued in defense of hardcore rap, saying that they were simply rapping about the conditions of life in their neighborhoods. They were describing the world they grew up in.Unfortunately street credibility kept up with many performers even in fame, and the mid-to-late sass was disfigured with violent deaths surrounding the genre most notably those of Notorious B.

I. G. And Outpace Shaker. After that, many high-profile artists agreed It was time to tone down he violent feuds among rappers and keep the threats lyrical Instead of literal. Rapping started off with men and many of the best-known names in the hip-hop music scene are male, but it’s not just for men.After that, many high-profile artists agreed it was time to tone down the violent feuds among rappers and keep the threats lyrical instead of literal. Music scene are male, but it’s not Just for men.

Women started rapping in the Today, rap has been around long enough that it is embedded in Western culture, and it has branched out by so many different artists that it does not get pigeon- holed anymore as strictly urban music or strictly hardcore.

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