DUI Paper

6 June 2017

After watching the interview of several DUI suspects who were Jailed for their offenses, I realized that what they went through could happen to anyone. Nobody ever thinks that they’ll be the ones Jailed because of drunk driving and/or killing/ injuring one or more individuals because after all, it’s never going to happen to you, right? To begin with, although each interview was of a different person (many recurring individuals as well), they all had a few things in common: they started at a young age, ach person had more than one DUI, and they regretted the irrational decisions they made that impacted their lives so negatively.

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First of all, each person admitted that they started at a very young age such as 11, 12, 13, 8, and even 2 years old. The problem with drinking at an early age is that you become addicted quickly and for the rest of your life because it’s almost impossible to stop drinking then. Second, each individual claimed that they hadn’t committed Just one DUI but several. One ndividual said they committed 5 DUI’s, another said 3, one crashed into a pole due to drunk driving, the other had 2 aggravated DUI’s, and yet another received 2 DUI’s including aggravated driving.

What this portrays is how difficult it can be to quit something you’ve done for so long. Individuals from the interview stated they committed several DUI’s because they “saw no harm in it”, “once you start, it gets worse”, “it becomes a part of life so you Just do it”, etc. In the end, each person regretted what they did because no one likes feeling scared every day, kept in a small pace, and away from everyone you love.

Furthermore, these people couldVe done numerous things so everything would turn out differently, such as: help from loved ones, recovery groups/programs, have someone sober drive, not have gotten drunk in the first place, and thought about what could happen as soon as they stepped into a car drunk. Because they didn’t think twice about what they did, these individuals have many regrets such as giving up many opportunities (one woman gave up the chance to go to medical school), kids ot visiting them in Jail because their parent is an alcoholic, missing the birth of a grandchild (including the person’s own birthdays, Christmases, etc. , and feeling that he was the reason for his father’s death. The advice these individuals have for parents of young teens is to create a good relationship with your kids and to be nosy, set a good example because if you drink they’re definitely going to think it’s okay and do the same, set boundaries and don’t be their friend but rather a parent, be open with your kids and earn their trust, and now that drinking is not okay at home or outside even if they’re away from you.

In conclusion, these people are going through recovery in order to live better and improved lives. They’ve learned to open up to people about life in Jail; one woman tated that in Jail “You can’t be yourselt at all” and that “it’s no way to live your lite”. One man even claimed that Jail time allowed him to sober up, while one of the youngest in the interview said that she was a part of many programs that helped her find herself.

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