Duo Singapore Exchange Fellowship Award

6 June 2017

Application Essay – DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship Award First of all, I am glad that to be given a chance to exchange to Germany for my studies in NUS. Germany is a great place with many world-class universities. Through the exchange programme, I will increase the value of my degrees, as study overseas is an evidence of independence, adaptability and a willingness to take on a challenge. The DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship Award will definitely valuable and helpful as the living expenses in Germany is quite high. This award will help to reduce the burden of my parents as I will not have to worry about the finances on my exchange.

The DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship award will certainly create the strongest bond between the students from Europe and Asian ASEM member countries. With the help of this award, I will be able to open my sights by travelling and studying in Germany in the coming semester. As we all know, education is the one of the pillars linking Singapore and Germany, especially at the university level. I believe that students in Germany will have a great interest in Singapore as the lives in Singapore are a mixture of West and the East, where you cannot find in everywhere else.

Duo Singapore Exchange Fellowship Award Essay Example

With the exchange programme and the help of DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship awards, I will have the chance the share ideas to the students and lecturers in Germany regarding the new programme in Singapore, which is first introduced in Asia. Besides, as I am now working on a three-year project about the future transportation in Singapore, I may gain some insight about the technologies in Germany through discussion or researches with the professors and student regarding on my project.

Being an exchange student, it is not just about personal experiences, but in a bigger context, I am representing my university, NUS and also Singapore. Most of us do not have the opportunity to study or travel overseas often to have a feel of different cultures of other countries. Through the exchange programme, I will have the chance to immersed fully into a new culture and improve my German with the locals through daily interactions. I believe that the precious experience of living in a foreign country must be rewarding and memorable.

I hope that strong bond of friendship will be developed during my exchange in Germany and we can freely exchange ideas and views. Representing NUS and Singapore, I will try my best to introduce the background or uniqueness of Singapore since it is a potential place to stay and work here. It is my responsibilities, as an exchange student, to promote Singapore to the people in Germany. It is definitely a life-changing experience to be an exchange student to Germany, but it is only made possible with the help of DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship Award.

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