College of Mann, Fall 2013: AS 101 Instructor: Marina Apples Email [email protected] Marin. Dude cell = 415-672-7992 Office: Fuselage 104 Hours: Tours 2:30-4:30 or by appointment Discussion Questions for Chapter 12: The Presidency Please read Chapter 12 of your Patterson text and be prepared to answer these questions: 1. What factors contribute to whether or not a president can accomplish his goals? 2. What are a President’s constitutionally granted powers? 3. How Is a presidential candidate chosen?

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Why did the system for choosing candidates for the Democratic Party change in 1968? 4. What Is President Beam’s foreign policy doctrine? 5. How does the US presidential system differ from parliamentary systems in Europe and elsewhere? 6. What are several key factors that determine the success off president? 7. Describe ways In which Nixon and Bush Jar. Tried to assert their power v. Congress. When has Obama done this, if ever? 8. Why was the War Powers Act of 1973 passed? What does it do?

Why has it never been Invoked? Those of you doing presentations next week should give me a brief outline of your presentation. Citing your sources, at the beginning of class. You should start by looking up your topic in the text, to see what the authors consider important. Then consult Wisped. Next, find two quality outside sources that are NOT encyclopedias. Your outline should be written In bullet format. Giving your mall points.

Do not include a fact if you cannot explain why it is important – in other words, why are you lulling us this fact? It should not be more than two pages long (ideally one page). Font size should not exceed 11 or 12 pet. 1. Do the experts think President Obama has a well-defined foreign policy doctrine? What are some recent decisions that show a consistency, or lack of consistency, In his thinking and actions abroad? KYLE SHAKIER 2. What Is President Beam’s policy on immigration? Does he have a plan going forward and what resistance or cooperation might he encounter in Congress (House

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