4 April 2015
A paper which studies the neurological disorder of dysgraphia.

The paper defines dysgraphia as a neurological disorder that causes people to experience difficulty writing. Even though both adults and children suffer from the disorder, the focus of this paper is primarily on the child. There are many different components to dysgraphia that are discussed in this paper. This paper also explores the history of the disorder as well as implications and treatments. Finally, presented in this paper is the latest research on the disorder and how new developments have helped those who are afflicted with dysgraphia.
“It is crucial that parent recognize the early warning signs of a child suffering from dysgraphia. Positive reinforcement is necessary to overcoming the disability, if the disorder is not recognized the child may be perceived as lazy or unconcerned with his or her schoolwork. A child mistaken for lazy who has an undiagnosed case of dysgraphia may become frustrated, withdrawn and even depressed. Therefore, a parent must heed the warning signs and arrange for the proper assessment(s) to be conducted. If a child is confirmed to have a case of dysgraphia, the proper course of treatment must be followed. Adults who have never been diagnosed but are aware of their deficiency must also undergo the same course of action.”

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