Dystopian Fiction Comparative Essay

However when it comes to contrasting the types of controls used, we can say “Minority Report” uses more technology to limit civilian’s everyday life by inserting machines to do their simple everyday tasks. Where as “Fahrenheit 451“ uses more government and surveillance like metal hounds to watch over them constantly. In “Minority Report” the film has technology everywhere. They have technology in almost everything they touch and use. There’s so much technology humans are dumb-ed down over time and they start to rely on machines to do everything for them.

Also in “Minority Report” humans have the free will to do what they like, where in “Fahrenheit 451“ they were limited in their actions. The two works of dystopian fiction are set in the future, but the movie is set much further into the future, with more advanced technology like cars that drive on walls, and future predicting machines, it also has advertisements everywhere promoting products and promoting the technology used to stop crimes. “Fahrenheit 451“ has these human made metal machines that watch over human’s actions making sure they don’t “think” and start wondering if there’s more to life. Any man’s insane who thinks he can fool the government and us. ” (33). If the hounds detect anyone reading or thinking they quickly spring into action and seize the offender practically making the civilians prisoners. Both works use dystopian controls to restrain humans. Governmental control reigns over them because they cant break the law. Still they do, so thats where the government employees like pre-cog unit from “Minority Report” and firemen from “Fahrenheit 451“ come in.

They go in and either prevent the incident from happening by arresting the suspect or by legally burning down the offender’s home along with the books. With so many conflicts drugs are used to help, in one work to relax and in the other to try and commit suicide. The alarms used to warn the firemen, and the hounds are technology, as is the computer that shows a crime waiting to happen, technology is used in both works. Romero 2 The two dystopian works restrain their societies’ freedom by constantly keeping their people ignorant and blinded using controls like constant surveillance and inventing machines to do simple tasks. Minority Report” controls their society by implanting technology that can predict the future and stopping crimes before they happen, where “Fahrenheit 451“ also keeps an impediment on their society’s gain of knowledge by burning any books and constantly keeping close vigilance on them. Guffey, George R.. Coordinates: Placing Science Fiction and Fantasy. Carbondale, Ill: Southern Illinois University Press, 1983. Colmer, John. Coleridge to Catch-22. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1978. Johnson, Wayne L. “Machineries of Joy and Sorrow”. Ray Bradbury.

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