E-40– My Ghetto Report Card

Every once in a while, a veteran makes an album that serves as a reintroduction. Scarface achieved this with “The Fix” and Snoop Dogg had “R&G.” As a 13-year Vallejo veteran, E-40’s “My Ghetto Report Card” is an ultimate and wild album. With a new label, Lil Jon producing the bulk, and a rising “Hyphy” movement, this album is something to take extremely seriously.

This album has 20 outstanding tracks with marvelous artists like Mike Jones, Bun B and rising Bay Area artists like Keak Da Sneak and Turf Talk. There are terrific tracks like “Gouda,” which is E-40 criticizing the rap game and society today. Another great track, “They Might Be Taping,” is about the police and federal surveillance.

Now, if you are looking for awesome party tracks, “White Gurl” and the hit single” Tell Me When To Go” definitely stand out. Plus, the track “U and Dat” featuring mainstream artist T-Pain is a harmonic song you won’t want to turn down.

This album has stayed in the Top 20 long enough to sell half a million copies. One thing that makes it so great is the fact that E-40 produces many of his own beats. Teaming up with platinum artist Lil Jon, E-40 fuses his outstanding lyrics and beats to make this a must-hear album. Songs like “Yay Area” uses an old school beat and combines it with a new school beat by Lil Jon. Another song, “Muscle Cars,” uses a hardcore bass beat with a light drumming, making it a sound not to miss. One thing about E-40 is that he demands your respect and your laughter and a few of the songs are hilarious.

The album can feel a little repetitive at times, but it plays well in clubs, cars and ear buds. Overall, this is an outstanding album, E-40’s greatest work yet. With lyrics that include his “slangcabulary” and taffy-like vocals, plus beats that are simply amazing, this album deserves an A in my book. I recommend it to anyone who loves hip-hop and rap.

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