E-Commerce and Manufacturing in the 21st Century

4 April 2015
A look at e-commerce and how it has shaped the 21st century.

This paper explain what e-commerce is and how it has developed. The author of the paper examines various aspects of e-commerce; its uses and advantages for aspects such as consumerism, research, information, communication and businesses of today. The paper also examines how e-commerce has changed manufacturing, production and consumption and the every day life of individuals.
“Electronic commerce is a term used to describe transactions carried out through the use of computers and networks. At its most basic, it means electronic shopping, doing business online, or buying products and services through web storefronts. The terms have evolved to include all aspects of business and market processes facilitated by the use of computers, networks, the Internet and the World Wide Web. (NIACC). Advantages of electronic commerce include the ability to reach global markets, to facilitate fast transactions and settlement, achieving higher transaction volume at a lower cost due to automation, realizing time and personnel savings due to reduced “human” handling of transactions and the ability to integrate cross-functional systems. There are already $1 trillion USD in technical infrastructure in place, available for anyone to use at any time. (Hoffman, et al). ”

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