E-commerce Transaction Security

4 April 2015
A study of consumer and business concerns over internet sales transactions security.

This paper examines in depth the Internet security concerns for consumers and business in their commerce transactions. This paper focuses on the problems that are actually being faced in E-commerce, but largely ignored because of the lack of realization of the capability of hacking software and Internet Cookies. It describes the various security issues and the recommended manner of tackling the problem. This paper provides great detail to many Internet technologies in specific, including the sections on encryption, firewalls and software.
Table of Contents:
Executive Summary
Importance of the Issue
Data Privacy and Modes by which Organizations Protect Consumers
Viruses and Hackers
Security Threats and Information Systems Organizational Impacts/Issue
“At the moment e-commerce trade is not functioning at its optimal level. The boom that the Internet experienced had previously experienced has slowed as consumers begin realizing that e-commerce is not as safe as it was considered to be. Problems like uncontrolled viruses, hackers and seemingly safe cookies have emerged to take the field by the storm and created a whole new scenario as businesses try to reestablish consumer confidence. These factors are causing the consumers and business personnel to demand online security solutions. Organizations realize that they need to view the Internet security issues with as much seriousness as they would the problem had it arisen within their physical territory. As the use of the Internet increases so odes the risk of security and if the corporations ignore this very real threat they will be shortchanging their business productivity. As more and more nations and populations go online there is created an unprecedented potential for growth. To take full advantage of these corporations must spruce up their security and manage their growth in a manner that not only increases sales revenue but also creates customer confidence. Creating the awareness of Internet security for better business transactions and thus, successful businesses is what we should be concerned with. Thus, this paper will present a case scenario of the problems facing the online business world today and how best they may be tackled so that they create a consumer confidence that has been missing for the past few years. Focusing on Internet cookies, as it is the subtlest of threats, and thus the one most usually undermined, the paper will cover the various security issues and the recommended manner of tackling the issue if any. (Author not available, 2000)”

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