E Pluribus Unum

4 April 2015
A study on the big bang theory of creation.

The paper argues the scientific big bang theory and order in the development of our universe. It describes the hierarchy of events and the Great Chain of Being theory. In particular, it discusses the electron atom nucleus universe expands origin universe Big Bang primordial ball creation overall order. This paper is well formatted with intelligent depth to the argument of the creation of life and our planet.
“Electrons circle the nucleus of an atom. Untold trillions of atoms collide together and explode. The universe expands. Electrons race down the copper wires of an electric cable. The sun shines. Leaves digest the sunlight, produce nutrients, live, grow, die, and fall to the ground. The wind bears aloft the leaves, scatters them over earth and sea. The tide moves them, pushes them up into rivers where at last they settle into the mud. Salmon swim upstream; lay their eggs on the muddy bottoms of lakes and rivers.

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A powerful grizzly bear nuzzles the icy water of a mountain brook. His great paw sweeps into the water and catches a darting salmon. Men come; establish a city on the banks of the stream. They drive the bear off. Their boats coast upon the surface of the sparkling water. Nets plumb the frigid depths, resurface filled with salmon. The men eat the salmon. The salmon are digested, turned into fodder for a thousand other creatures and into the food that builds civilizations. Digested again, these minute particles break down into molecules, and the molecules into atoms. A lone atom floats off in the vast emptiness of space. Electrons circle the atom’s nucleus. These are cycles, yes, but wherein lays their ultimate origin? Is there a connection between all that makes up the universe? Is there a plan?”

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