Ea Games Swot

1 January 2017

EA Games Company Mission Statement: We are an association of electronic artists who share a common goal. We want to fulfill the potential of personal computing [1]. Company Strategy: Fewer and bigger brands, more digital content and consumer outreach, a larger free-to-play business, and more new IPs [2]. Company History [3] SWOT Analysis [4]: Strengths * Ability to Change * Example: when they realized that sales only increased by 4. 7% they decided they needed to restructure the way they were doing business.

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By narrowing the company to four major divisions, they believe they will increase the speed of developing products and increase sales * Focus on research and development * the company invested about $1,041 million in research and development for fiscal years ended March 2007, much more than other competitors * Popularity of Games * Example: Madden NFL 07 alone sold over 5 million copies last year, which puts the total tally of Madden games sold to just over 60 million Weaknesses Dependence on consoles * Just because a new and amazing console is created, that doesn’t mean that people will run out to buy it (Playstation 3) * Niche Market * For the 2007 fiscal year over 70% of the company’s revenues from the US were derived from seven key customers * Weak Global Sales

* In order to remain globally competitive, EA must increase sales worldwide and in the valuable Asian market Opportunities * Mobile Gaming With recent acquisitions, like that of JAMDAT, and also announcements of creating games for iPods, it is clear that EA will be focusing on this ever increasing market * Increase of Online Gaming * They have increased the Pogo. com division to international arenas like the UK and also are set to acquire Mythic Entertainment, a creator if multiplayer online role-playing games * Change in Target Consumer * Part of EA Casual Entertainment’s role is to focus on courting to non-traditional gamers, that is to say women and adults. Threats Issues with Consoles * The industry fluctuates along with rise and fall of the hardware systems (again the PlayStation 3 issue) * Increased Software Piracy * As the ability to pirate software becomes easier and cheaper the number of pirated copies continues to increase. * Game release times * Not only are the releases timed for the Christmas season but also for specific sporting seasons and major sporting events. The delay of a game so that it doesn’t coincide with these specific time restrictions, could be devastating to sales.

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