Early American Political Science

4 April 2015
A study of the American constitutional ideal that forms the liberties of the nation.

This paper examines the response of the American founding fathers to the mass movements that sought to reduce inequalities of wealth, intelligence, talent or virtue that lead to dangerous leveling in society in violation of men’s right to property. It looks at the rebellions that followed and the founding fathers’ work towards preserving the natural and basic rights of the people, as they saw that individual rights and the differences that make up a society created a stronger nation.
“The premise of a strong society lies in the differences in wealth, intelligence and talent of the people. A society, which levels out all inequalities only, leads to a stagnation and destruction in the growth of that society. A certain amount of inequality therefore is essential for the progressive movement of the country as a whole. This fear gripped the founding fathers and propelled them into bringing reforms to preserve the society at the same time making the country better for the people.

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