Early Childhood Curriculum

8 August 2016

As I reflect back on my early childhood experiences, the one positive thing that I can remember about my experience in kindergarten would be how the teacher would set with me alone and help me with my alphabet. I was having such a hard time trying to remember them, but my teacher would always take out some extra time for me to help me with learning the correct order of the alphabets. Now as I reflect back on what was the negative thing that I can remember about my experience would be during my second grade.

The teacher was not very nice and she didn’t believe in extra bathroom breaks. I had asked her during our reading time could I go to the washroom, she told me that no one was allowed to leave her class during reading time because that was the most important part of the day. When she called on me to read I was not prepared because I had not been focusing on the book, and she knew that I was not a very good reader, and I really needed to go to the washroom, well because I could not hold my urine, I ended up going in my pants.

Early Childhood Curriculum Essay Example

That made her mad, and she made me read anyway. I was so embarrassed. As you can see, yes I have a lasting impact from my second grade teacher. My number one rule in my classroom would be to allow washroom breaks anytime when a child feel the need to go. My lasting impact from my kindergarten teacher that has influence me with my teaching skills would be to provide extra help to all my students that might be struggle with their development needs.

I would always take out extra time to work with my student’s and I will work at their pace. As well as not put too much on them when I see that they are having difficulties. From my past childhood experiences there was some good ones, as well as not so good, but we learn from our own experiences and that’s what makes us be better people as we learn and live.

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