Early Childhood Development and Disability

1 January 2018

Analysing reasons why development may not follow the expected pattern, I can highlight that emotional influence can affect expected pattern of development significally. A child, who is not settled in and doesn’t built relationship with the adults is more likely to have low self-esteem and is less likely to try new activities that will benefit the developmental progress.Another reason I can differ, it is children’s disabilities and conditions. They can effect development in a different way and will impact to varying extents on their learning and development. For example, some children may have communication and interaction as an area of need, because they are not fully hearing. Hearing loss can affect a child’s enjoyment of activity and ability to play with other children.

Physical reasons are also very important. If a child has delays or difficulties with their growth, their physical development can be affected.External influence can effect on the way how a child develops. For example, single parents may not have time and energy to engage and challenge their children to try new things. Or, because of poverty, parents cannot provide opportunities for children to go on music or ballet.Different cultures hold variety of beliefs about how children should be brought up. For instance, some children in many cultures are treated differently because of their gender.

Early Childhood Development and Disability Essay Example

Girls are not given opportunities to attend schools or they are taken from school at certain age.Family lifestyle and structure influence children’s development as well. Home schooling children don’t have many opportunities for social interaction with children their own age, which could result in social delay.Every child, attending early years setting, will be assigned with a key worker who is observing child’s development, recognize child’s progress, understand their needs and interests, plan activities and support. This observation and assessment can highlights where there may be difficulties or delays with particular areas of development. When delay in child’s development is suspected, it is essential to identify appropriate support needs early to reduce the impact that the delay may have on the child. High quality early intervention can change a child’s development trajectory and improve outcomes for children.

Early intervention support and resources maximize the child’s abilities.

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