Child administration needs a lot of prior knowledge and information. As any administrative work in an organization is very crucial in the early stages of conception or development, so is a child in the early especially in the early stages of their development. A lot of care should be taken since this is the time a child personality is being developed.

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As a matter of fact, it is at this age or period that a child grasps a lot of things around him or her; therefore one should be able to identify and understand the behavior of young children. Every child as a human being has a unique personality with individual special temperament, learning style, pattern of growth & development, family background among other individual characteristics (Kathleen, 19).

In a way adults (parents and childhood management professionals) are not in a position to control what the young minds learn, there only thing they can do is teaching them appropriate behavior. Lack of knowledge on the best way to help young minds learn appropriate behavior in addition, showing and providing a variety of opportunities to learning different things that the children are exposed to may result in the children learning unacceptable behavior.

Early Childhood development

For any childhood administration work to be effective, one must understand some simple needs that young minds need. Physical Development – This is development of physical stature such as the body size, physical skills as well as the development of the body parts. This is a very crucial part of a child’s development (Kathleen, 87). In most cases this development is seen or can be visible by various means such as weight, height, activities among others.

Social development – This is a childhood development that is depicted by a child forming attachments with others in form of relationships, both with children and adults. For example, sharing with others, playing, co-operating with others shows how much a child’s social aspect is developing (Judith, 209). The child’s ability to create lasting relationships is a sure way of quantifying the development.


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development – this is development of the mind in the sense that seeing how the world is making sense to him or her. Intellectual development is a cause of why someone does what he or she does in a specific was and what has he or she thought to warrant that kind or action or reaction. They way the child thinks is determined by the way he or she is brought up. With the right upbringing any child can be develop good intellectual capacity. This development is also dependant with the nutrition of the child.

Emotional development – this is the development of self-awareness, self-image, and self-confidence and understanding other people’s feelings about anything or his or her behavior and hoe they affect them. Emotional development also is shown by the fact that the child can feel happy when some good things are done to him or her, on the other hand the child can get sad when some things that are not pleasing to him/her are done, this is a very good sign that the child is developing emotionally.

This is where a child even get attitude towards something depending on how the other people treat him or treat others. Therefore it is very important give the child the right emotional development environment so that he develops a positive attitude towards things and people (Kathleen, 210). For example, if the child’s dad keeps on having fights in the house with the mum, the child is likely to hate the dad just because he is violent.

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