Early Childhood Education

1 January 2019

When discussing early childhood education, one often means children that are under eight years old. These first years of life are among the most important ones for the general development of a human as this period is the foundation of basic cognitive and learning characteristics and abilities that remain with an individual during all his or her life. My personal statement on early childhood education is based on the understanding that the earliest years of the human development are most important for him or her; each child is an individual and needs a personal approach; at the same time, all children should be treated equally with love.Early childhood education involves such establishments as pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, preschool, nursery school, daycare, and others. All of them have a similar purpose of developing children and preparing them for their smooth transition to the school.

In the first two years, a child develops a sense of the self, and by the end of this period, most toddlers are eager to differentiate themselves from other people. When a child becomes about three years old, the learning abilities of his or her brain become extremely high, and the brain has the potential to perceive new knowledge actively. Correspondingly, a child has to use all his or her senses, and the main strategy in learning here is playing. Thus, the purpose of early education is to improve the primary cognitive, motor, and language skills that are essential in further human development.I also consider that it is important that a child is taught how to interpret things and develop critical thinking. It is crucial to understand that a child does not have own understanding of the surrounding world; he or she does not have such concepts as morality or religion, and the child’s brain is like a sponge that absorbs everything it experiences. Thus, the purpose of an educator is to provide the child with the most important things for his or her further development.

Early Childhood Education Essay Example

So, the most necessary experience that a child needs is love, attentiveness, and care of the parents and the educator. In this way, parents need to take the active role in early childhood education. I would communicate closely with children’s parents to give them the main concepts of the general child development and the developmental peculiarities of their child. Also, it would be beneficial to provide parents with specific tools, activities, games, behavior, which they can apply at home with their kids.Considering the fact that children learn through copying, the role of the first educators, parents, and tutors, is to control their behavior and always remain patient, loving, positive, and well-tempered. It is a necessary approach as the young brain perceives and stores in the subconsciousness even the simple actions or words that a child does not comprehend; however, the results of the perceived information can be manifested further in the adult life.In addition, early childhood education has a role in the creation of a diverse and accepting environment.

I consider that the educator should be extremely supportive and give similar educating programs to children no matter of their home background. Of course, there are special programs for children of a certain socioeconomic, religious, or ethnic group, and it is the decision of the parents where and how to educate their children. However, I consider that early education of children should occur on the equal concepts and should teach them to be respectful, tolerant, and accepting of the diversities.In this way, early childhood education is the basis of healthy human development; it gives the first knowledge and experience of the self and the surrounding world. Thus, in my opinion, the greatest roles here are played by child’s first educators, namely parents and teachers in early childhood education establishments. The main issue that the educators should remember is that children learn fast and absorb everything they experience, so the crucial moment is to support the child in developing cognitive, learning, and motor skills in the loving, caring, and accepting environment.

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