Early childhood

8 August 2016

Our work as men and women raising children is important because our influence lasts a lifetime. But what are the most important gifts we give our children? Self-love, self-concept, and self-esteem. Self-Love * Self-love is the most essential of all skills. It is concepts children learn from the way parents (and other adults) treat them. Children first need to know that they are loved and accepted for who they are. With this as a basis, their natural impulse is to take that love and learn to contribute it to the world in constructive ways.

It is not difficult then, to see that self-love is the best gift we can give our children. *love in children, as in adults, means liking themselves, enjoying themselves, and accepting themselves. Children need to know that although parents may not always like what they do, or have done, we still like and love them. There is a great difference between rejecting a child’s behaviour and rejecting the child. Help the child understand that he or she is a human being and as a human being he or she will make mistakes.

Early childhood Essay Example

Our goal is to help children learn from those mistakes and assist them in making corrections. Self-Concept *Self-concept is the image we have of ourselves. It means liking ourselves just the way we are. To teach children about self-concept, we must look at them without labels or comparisons. If a child is taller than most of the other children in his or her class, he or she may feel awkward. However, if the child is taught that his or her height is an asset of which to be proud, the child will grow up with respect for him- or herself and others. *There are things about every child that are unique.

It is by zeroing in on each special quality—whether it is their willingness to let someone else ride their trike, their whimsical sense of humour, or their ability to carry a tune—that we give children a positive sense of self. Children take great pride and delight in the knowledge that there is no one exactly like them in the world. Share a child’s uniqueness by looking into his or her eyes with a smile that says, “You are special. I love to be with you! ” Self-Esteem *Self-esteem has been defined as “the sense of being lovable and capable. ” When these two qualities are in sync, a child has high self-esteem.

*Children learn about themselves and know themselves only by reflection. For the first important years of their lives, parents are the major influence providing this reflection to the child. Later on, teachers and friends in addition to parents provide this reflection. Reaction: As a parent, we want to make right and wonderful for our children, we want our children a happiest child of all, and we want to eliminate conflict, disappointment, rejection, and failure from their lives. But we need to remember that life is a process. Of all us will encounter difficult situation, trouble, worry, and complication as they move through life.

As they grow up they encounter and experience some unexpected things to happen . the best thing to do is to explain and feel them that they are not alone in their ups and down. Child may feel different emotions. We should not reject them we should listen to them even though it is nonsense. Also we should help our child look for strengths by helping him/her experience success and in every success they did they should receive reward by encourage them. Parent’s guidance and presence is highly recommended we should always aware for our child’s feeling or condition regarding with their emotional and physical.

Because child is delicate sensitive they get easily get hurt especially in a situation that they don’t understands what is happening. Therefore, the most important task as a parent is by giving them love and care and a strong sense of self-love, self-concept, self-esteem that we prepare them to learn what life is all about for them also to understand what life is why is there circumstances happen in every life. That child that has a sense of self-love, self-esteem and self-concept has a high self-confidence and has strength emotion that can lead them to be a successful one.

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