Early Hominids and Human Culture

4 April 2015
A detailed look at the early hominids and their lifestyles.

This paper examines the early hominids and aspects of their culture. The author identifies the early hominids and examine the morphological and archaeological evidence for and against human culture in various hominid species. Included is a discussion of the cultural differences between the various members of the Hominid lineage and what these differences represent.
“The early hominids include Ardipithecus ramidis, the various Australopithecine species (anamensis, africanus, garhi, aethiopicus, boisei, and robustus), as well as the newly discovered Kenyanthropus platyops. In order to examine whether or not these earliest members of the hominid lineage possessed culture in a human sense, we must define what is meant by the term “human culture”. Culture is a complex concept that can be generally defined as socially patterned human thought and behavior. It is what differentiates humans from animals, consisting of three major components: 1) what people think, 2) what people do, and 3) the material products that people produce.”

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