Early Retirement Incentives as Downsizing Strategy

4 April 2015

An analysis and study of the use of early retirement incentives as a downsizing strategy by organizations. Top management often resorts to the most effective and immediate means of recovery which include cutting down cost through downsizing. This paper looks at the use by companies of encouraging employees to take early retirement for financial gains and discusses its feasibility Table of Contents Chapter 1 – Definition of the problem -Background of the problem -Purpose of the study -Problem Statement -Research Questions -Definition of terms-alphabetical order -Limitations of the study CHAPTER II- LITERATURE REVIEW Health and security Tax deferral Financial targeting Institutional Rationale Employees Impacted CHAPTER III- METHODOLOGY – Variables -Data collection -Data analysis -Research questions CHAPTER IV- DATA ANALYSIS – Introduction -Analysis relevant to research question 1 -Analysis relevant to research question 2 -Analysis relevant to research question 3 CHAPTER 5- SUMMARY, CONCLUSIONS, RECOMMENDATIONS -Summary -Conclusion -Recommendation REFERENCES “The process of early retirement, a strategy adopted by many companies serves to save them from paying more to retirees. Retirement plans like 401(K) and Social Security all aim towards savings for the working individuals. They are the allowance that they can utilize once they leave the professional field. In the last decade or so, the rate of savings have dipped, turned up again and dipped again several times. With this pattern, organizations are concerned whether they can sustain retirement funding. In turn they try to equip themselves with strategies to minimize long term financial risks by inducing workers to retire early. These incentives include bonuses, stocks options, bonds etc. “

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