Early Royal Feminism

4 April 2015
An examination of writings of Queen Elizabeth I and their impact on early women’s rights.

This paper presents a detailed discussion about the work of Elizabeth I and how it does not reflect the traditional view of women. The writer of this paper examines two of Elizabeth I’s works; “Speech to the Troops at Tilbury” and “The Doubt of Future Foes” to illustrate the non-traditional views that they reflect.
“During the last four decades the women’s movement has worked to equalize the genders in all areas of life. Before the movement however women were not considered equal to men in most venues. Elizabeth I who resided in the 16th century, was well known for her refusal to comply with the chauvinistic attitude of her time.

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She was a woman who never married, and refused to allow her gender to dictate her power or goals. She was well known for her works which included poems, speeches and other words of wisdom, and even in her works she refused to give in to the gender biased that was so accepted of her time.”

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