East or West home is the best

6 June 2017

Dictionary, home is understood as “the house, apartment, etc. ere you live, especially with your family”. In terms of this definition, the feeling of one person toward their home will be the feeling that he or she has with family or cohabitants. However, it would be not true if we consider that the home experience stick with the affection between family members. In reality, many people do not have a full and happy family, for instance with the situation of children live In orphanage, most of them do not have parents or relatives.

If we onsider home as a place you live with your family, It means that those people would never experienced the feeling of being home. With people who have unhappy family, home may be the worst place in the world because It refers to the sad memories that have happened before in the past. In fact, there are many people can find love and the feeling of belonging to a strange place without relatives. In the second common understanding, home is defined as the place that can bring the sense of security and affection.

It means that home is anywhere that can make you feel comfortable, safe and attached to. It is not necessary your place of birth or where your family live. Referring to the example above, orphans can still find the affection, which is the unconditional love or care from other children and from foster mothers. They can consider the orphanage as their home though they do not have any kind of flesh-and- blood relationship with people here. Therefore, home can be the best place In the world, depending on how you consider a home Is.

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