Eccentricity and Teddy Bear

6 June 2017

I use the word “weirdo” to label a person to be odd or not normal. 2. The “fundamental distinction” lyer is comparing is that eccentric doesnt want anything to do with society. He only cares for himself. The weirdo whole world constantly seeks to get back into society. He wants to be known in society. 3. I think television starts would be the most high ranked weirdo behavior because not all celebrities are eccentric.

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For the eccentric behavior i think athletes would be he most eccentric because a lot of athletes a good and don’t really care about society but care more about their sport. 4. lyer’s illustration of “a man with a teddy bear in his hand and a man with a gun” represents the difference between eccentric and weirdo. Eccentric carries a distinguished Latin pedigree that refers to anything that is neutral or positive. This lead back to show how a teddy bear is good.

Weirdo has its mongrel origins in the Old English wyrd meaning fate or destiny. So, the man holding a gun in his hand represents darkness. 5. I think lyer’s illustration are more likely to be more familiar to his readers are eccentrics because teenagers generally want to live on their on rules and expectations. 6. lyer’s definitions of eccentric and weirdo distinguish the words by explaining that eccentric is more on the non-harmful side. The weirdo however is on the dangerous side. 7. yer illustrates that the British peer threw over his Cambridge fellowship in order he live in a bath and became so ardent a champion of water that he was willing to give anyone silver coins to anyone who would drink his favorite beverage. The weirdo is all together more mysterious that leaves no reflection in societies mirror. 8. lyer uses examples Jerry Lee Lewis, Gary Gilmore and Bernard Goetz. 9. lyer uses the comparison between geniuses and psychopaths to show that both are out of the ordinary.

If the successful are often strange, then being strange is a way of becoming successful. 0. Great Britain, is more often associated with the maladjusted weirdo because Britain is presented so strong a center from which to depart. In Japan there are only four psychiatrists in all Tokyo. There are only a few eccentricity is a mark of confidence, weirdness inspires fear and rage. strategies and the organization method of the story. My answers to the questions changed in many ways because now that I know what the author is comparing I can answer the questions correctly.

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