Economic and Political Systems of Cuba

The Economic System in Cuba is known to be communism. Communism can be defined as a scheme of equalizing the social conditions of life. This system considers the termination of inequalities in the possession of property as well as the distribution of wealth equally to all individuals.

Therefore, the means to achieve this is by the collectivization of all private property. By extension, collectivization is the process of forming collective communities where property and resources are owned by the community and not individuals.Freedom of expression is also mediated by the state. Communism is a system that usually is unsuccessful however, the only way that communism may be achieved is if every single member of a communist society is in complete agreement with the arrangement which was mentioned above. In early Cuban Political history, there were various communist as well as anarchist organizations for example the Communist Party of Cuba which was initiated in the early 1920’s by Julio Antonio Mella, Carlos Balino, Jose Marti and Fabio Grobart.

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Economic and Political Systems of Cuba
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It was then later led by both the first secretary and secondary secretary: – Fidel Castro and Raul Castro respectively. In Cuba, no other political party other than that of the Communist Party of Cuba is allowed to be formed in the fear that a non – communist party which will be funded by the United States of America would intervene and claim Cuba’s independence.

In comparison to other ruling communist parties around the world, the communist party in Cuba retains a stricter approach and adherence to the tradition of Marxism – Leninism and the traditional Soviet Model.In addition, the Cuban Political System is described as authentic which is based on the unique history of the struggle for equality amongst individuals as well as independence. Cuba is a republic with a centralized socialist system with a structure of the State of Republic of Cuba as follows: – * National Assembly of People’s Power * Council of State * Council of Ministers * Provincial and Municipal Governments * Judiciary System

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