Economic Busts and Booms

4 April 2015
An examination of the way economic fluctuations occur and the factors that influence them.

This paper looks at business cycles and how these effect economic busts and booms. The author looks at the way that various aspects in the economy are related to economic fluctuations in a complex way and argues that a simple cause and effect explanation is not sufficient to explain the relationship. An examination of various issues that may effect economics such as population changes, monetary shifts and supplies.
“We are all so accustomed to fluctuations in the economy – that roller coaster effect of bust and boom that we are currently on the downside of – that we may forget to ask ourselves what causes these rises and falls in the economic life of our community and our country. For of course the economy is not a natural phenomenon like the shifting of the seasons and the cycle of the tides – events caused by biological and chemical constants.

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The economy shifts and undulates in accord with human variables. This paper examines the concept of economic booms and busts and how these are related to business cycles, arguing that the connection between boom and bust and business cycle is a complex one not well explained by a simple, linear model of cause and effect.”

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