Economic status, success, and the advantages of having a good childhood

1 January 2018

In the articles that written by Sherman Alexie and Eudora Welty, there were many different topics discussed that with the overall topics being that reading can help you in your future. The main three topics that I found are Economic status, success, and the advantages of having a good childhood.During the childhoods of both Alexie and Welty, they spent much of there time learning and teaching themselves to read with the many books that they were surrounded by but one huge difference was how the two grew up economically. On the one hand, Welty grew up in Mississippi in a middle to an upper-class home where she was surrounded by books and spent most of her time reading and learning to read from her mother. On the other hand, you have Alexie who by native American economic status grew up middle class, but when it comes to the rest of America’s standards he grew up poor.

Well the two grew up on opposite ends of the economic spectrum they had one thing that was in common and that was that they were surrounded by books and other kinds of reading material from the day that they were born.Economic status was a huge difference between Alexie and Welty but one of the biggest similarities is that both authors are that because the two learned to read so early in their lives they both became very successful later on in life. Obviously, the two both became successful authors, but both also graduated from extremely prestigious universities. They explain that they believe that them learning to read so early in life made it easier to succeed throughout there lives and also caused there love of writing which led them to become authorsThroughout both books, the authors go into detail about how the childhoods that they had affected how they went through life. Alexie goes into how when he was in school instead of how when other kids went and played at recess he would sit and read and he was bullied because of it. Alexie also brings up the fact that when he was extremely young he was reading high school level books and because he was in the native American community he was looked at as a freak or weird where if he was in any other community he would have been viewed as a prodigy or a genius.When it comes to the similarities and differences between Welty and Alexie are very similar and in some places very different, the advantages of having a good childhood, economic status, and success are three of the biggest show in the articles.

Economic status, success, and the advantages of having a good childhood Essay Example

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