Economic Status

12 December 2016

We have this accounting software called Peachtree Accounting to generate our financial reports monthly. The only problem is linking such reports with other department especially with the Corporate Planning department and Internal Audit Department as these two departments are usually collaborating with our department for reporting and evaluation purposes. The data from Billing Section, or the Consumer Services Department now, for its monthly sales and collection is not integrated with our department which makes records irreconcilable with our records.

They have their own software application called magic for the generation of sales and collection data and others such as collection of vat on sales, universal charges and other taxes. In the warehouse we see a large backlog and items begin to queue in front of a process, which signal the management to transfer labor to that process to drive-down the backlog. More and more items are on the waiting line not appropriately distributed (FIFO, LIFO).

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They faced also with a problem of no proper recording of receiving receipt due to no purchase orders forwarded to the warehouse, so when the deliveries are made it will be temporarily recorded with no proper documentation thereby resulting to delay in payments to suppliers and it is not accounted as part of the inventory or when utilized, as an expense. SURNECO has not applied yet the idea of simulation even it is needed especially in warehouse simulation. It will be expensive in our part and doubtful of the changes as they are accustomed to the existing lay-out.

As a result to poor control warehousing system, the materials and equipment are not properly disposed and recorded and not appropriately scheduled in its usefulness. This will only create impediment in the operation and the materials and equipment are not maintained at its lowest possible level in store. There is a necessity to integrate all software systems within the entire organization of SURNECO for reconciliation and easy access of data. If one department fails to submit correct data reporting of to NEA & ERC will be delayed and inaccurate. It is noted also as of this time, SURNECO has an on-going construction of its building.

It is on the process of remodeling and positioning the office of finance, corporate planning and sub-area department. Simulation provides a potentially useful mechanism through which managers can gain a comprehensive understanding of system behavior, concentrating on core business processes such as order fulfillment, product development as well as customer satisfaction, and continued patronage with SURNECO. RECOMMENDATION Storing goods in adequate space with the proper equipment by well trained personnel in a properly planned layout results in maximum protection of items.

Therefore, it is suggested that must have trained personnel to do the job correctly in the warehouse. Where MRP is applied with diligence. ERP software integrates all facets of an operation, including development, manufacturing, sales and marketing. It was proposed that the Local Area Network (LAN) will be set up to create networking capability in all computers useful for sharing resources like files and other important documents to the GM’s office, Internal Audit and Corporate Planning Department.

In two to five years financial reports or data or even electric bills will be made available to the member-consumer easily in the provided computers made for their own viewing. The management should start outsourcing labor to properly store materials and supplies. They should implement improvements in front of that process so that items don’t queue there in the future. Through the use of simulation, it can help handle the receipt and return of stock into a warehouse. This allows to efficiently manage the warehouse and the flow of items. • Utilize resources efficiently • Manage inventory levels Plan for future growth and capacity • Control the movement and storage of materials • Deal with the receipt and return of stock For many warehouse problems, where more detail and accuracy may be required, using more purpose simulation language will be required as well. The value of simulation modeling comes when companies model the business rules that are built into the warehouse management system that controls their processes. The ability to make improvements is only possible when we can follow with discipline and evidently see how the process and operation is performing and progressing.

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