Economics: My Tool, My Inspiration

4 April 2019

Out of all the courses I have taken I enjoy more those that expand the limits of the mind, increase my awareness of the world and exercise the imagination. The class that does this best is Economics. Not only is it a science of life, business and development, but it is a philosophy with precise tools and universal language that explains phenomena and all quotidian transactions. Economics has helped me grow, expand my interests and catalyzed my decisions for my future and career.

The more one knows, the more one feels the need to question and to come up with queries never before thought. As a child I saw the world as an irrational place, dominated by the whims of chance; but basic knowledge of Economics led me to conclude that it was not irrational, just complex. “Master it I must!” was my war cry after such an important life changing epiphany. My throat felt dry for knowledge and the closet-monsters that disturbed my sleep were substituted by unexplainable questions: Why do businesses fail? Why do nations collide? What is this paper with which all my things are bought? Twelve years, money games, various books, two excellent teachers and an infinite amount of answers from my father later; and I can now understand the world with more confidence, but the thirst for answers and explanations remains. The family business and Economics at Harvard Summer School this summer implanted in me the millennial desire of our species to understand.

Economics: My Tool, My Inspiration Essay Example

After beginning my transformation into a questioning individual I could not limit the ponderings of my brain. Realizing what other branches of knowledge had to offer me, I became interested in history and the evolution and refining of our society, in languages and literature and the ability to communicate thoughts. I read history for entertainment, fascinated by the ancient Romans and Greeks. I learned Spanish, English, Hebrew and French. The next step was my recognition of Finance, Administration and Accounting- tangents that intersect the crucial points of Economics.

The day I reached the age of reason (or my ‘age of Economics’) and recognized the importance of Economics it began to shape my goals and my future. I began to imagine how this knowledge could be applied to the greatest and worthiest cause of all: the wellbeing and development of mankind and society. I excelled in school making the most of my education despite the great obstacles that accompany the life of an immigrant. I had to master my English and adapt to a foreign culture when I moved to the United States in 2003 but I worked even harder in pursuit of my goals. Meanwhile, I started my own small web design business and an expanding non-profit organization

Economics is my cause, tool, goal and inspiration. It has made me long to learn, apply and discover. I have found what many seek their entire lifetimes, a purpose, and in the process transcended my previous self and the confines of my understanding.

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