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The skills I want and need to develop and/or attributes want to cultivate are: peaking more slowly, staying on topic, and engaging more with others. Speak king more slowly Bad habit number one for me is the fact that, when get nervous, I talk really, really fast. It is as if am trying to make it through a topic as quickly as possible, or that feel what I have to say is far less significant or interesting than what other people have to say.

From the standpoint of someone watching the presentation this habit causes several problems.First, the subject matter becomes very difficult to follow. Particularly when m covering a topic that is either technical or philosophical in nature, people need to have plenty of time to digest your points in a piecemeal fashion. Firing off point after point in rapid succession is only going to lose people amidst a tsunami of information which worsens over time. Secondly, speaking too quickly drastically undermines the opportunity for group participation and discussion because it eats up the empty space people need to synthesize what has been discussed.Questions that arise during the course of a talk can really add to its interest, and enable people to tie in a epic to their personal context or circumstances which in turn can increase the degree of engagement they have and how much attention they are paying. Personally, I am not interested in playing the expert and lecturing a passively attentive audience.

I want discussion, debate, expressions of alternative viewpoints, and an overall sense of a group or network activity that just so happens to incorporate a presentation element at the beginning to set the Stage and help frame the discussion.Staying on topic Bad habit number two for me is I ramble, sometimes badly. What this entails in my case is much like riding a bumper car. I will start with one topic; my sights set firmly on a destination, and then, upon colliding with an unrelated point, suddenly head off in another direction, frequently never to return. Slightly less damaging to a presentation than the last two habits but nonetheless critical is connecting with people. In my view this incorporates a few different factors, not the least of which includes leaving room for others to inject points or share their experiences, and paying attention to the vibe of he room.The first aspect, leaving room for discussion, have mentioned already.

This may not be relevant to anyone of course, since some people like to have a passively attentive audience hanging on to every word they say. Am not one of those people and see myself as just on individual in a roomful of people, each of whom have something valuable to contribute, or relevant experiences they can share, which add an element of context to the discussion. Self improvement plan for writing and presentation skills My self improvement plan is simple.I will first speak on issues that I have a passion. I have noticed that if I am speaking on a subject that have a passion for, words flow out smoothly and accurately. Secondly, whatever the topic, I will allot enough time for preparation. I sometimes prepare for a presentation the night before and this brings on a lot of my anxiety during the presentation.

Thirdly, recording my presentations will allow me to see where I am weak and give me a visual of how others see me. Can also have colleagues to view my presentation and offer me advice on areas that I can improve upon.

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