Ecstasy in the United States

4 April 2015
A look into the physical and mental effects of ecstasy as well as the influence it has on society.

This paper contains information on the effects of ecstasy, mentally and physically. It shows the history and the banning of MDMA and contains information on trafficking, marketing, distributing, manufacturing, and even logos. It explains short term and long term effects from using ecstasy. It shows how serious the drug is and how just one dose can kill you.
From the paper:

“Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, is becoming increasingly popular amongst high school and college students and studies show that it can have severe effects. The scientific name for ecstasy is methelynedioxymethamphetamine. Ecstasy has an interesting history which led to illegal use today. Nicknames for ecstasy include “the love drug” and is sometimes known as “Adam” or “X”. Use of this drug is currently rising with high school and college students.”

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