Ed Sheeran’s Rise to Fame

9 September 2019

Ed Sheeran is a newly discovered and fairly popular British artist that has blown up around the world. With two albums, this young singer/songwriter has sold out entire tours, including three nights at Madison Square Garden. He started recording music at the mere age of 16, and Sheeran sings about his struggles of love and his resistance against the mainstream industries.
Ed Sheeran was first discovered by Jamie Foxx, who had Sheeran on his radio talk show.He then peaked the interest of pop sensation Taylor Swift, and starting touring with her as the opening act on her RED tour in 2013. He has three EPs, from earlier in his career, called “The Orange Room”(2005), “Loose Change”(2010), and “No. 5 Collaboration Project”(2011). His debut album was “+”. This album released September 2011, and ended up going triple platinum. Singles off that album include You Need Me, I Don’t Need You, Give Me Love, Drunk, and The A Team, which peaked at number sixteen on Billboard’s Hot 100. His second and most recent album, “X” or “Multiply”, has new hits like Thinking Out Loud, Don’t, and Sing.Co-written with Pharrell Williams, the song, Sing, debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart and fifteen on Billboard’s Top 100, peaking there at thirteen. This up and coming artist is truly in the limelight, and he is making the most out of it.
Ed Sheeran’s albums are very heart felt and written completely by him, which is something he takes great pride in. As he says in his song You Need Me, I Don’t Need You, “I’m true my songs are where my heart is… I do it all, it’s all me”.He doesn’t even have a band, just his guitars and a loop pedal. A loop pedal is an electronic device that allows an artist to record a couple seconds of their guitar or singing, and have it played back repeatedly. Sheeran creates a beat and a strumming pattern all by himself, while still entertaining a crowd with his talent.
Having personally seen Sheeran preform live multiple times, I would not hesitate to recommend attending his shows. Although he is an all around artist, profanity in his songs may discourage the audience of children.Despite his rare use of curse words, Sheeran’s music can easily be enjoyed by someone of any age. If you were to attend a concert of his, you will have a fantastic experience and see how extremely talented Ed Sheeran really is.

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