Edgar Allan Poe and Hannibal

A comparison of the horror novels of Poe and Thomas Harris’s Silence of the Lambs.

This paper compares the horror novels of Edgar Allen Poe and Thomas Harris’ “Silence of the Lambs.” It describes the iconic character of evil Hannibal Lecter and the great success of this character, which seems to live beyond the confounds of the written word. The author examines Poe’s classic poem The Raven and its chilling and ambiguous reality. The paper also explores the life of Poe.
Poe has delved into the human spirit at a time when the idea of the unconscious mind had probably either not evolved, or had just been described and was not commonly known. In his stories of horror, Poe explored in depth the human psyche. Poe was a critic of rationalism but at the same time he was a master in the art of constructing, logically, the irrational rationale for crime committed by his characters.

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Poe lived a difficult and rather impoverished life, and was himself often given to alcoholism in his private life and the narrator’s fears and contradictions that the author describes are something he might have experienced himself.

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