Edgar Allan Poe: Life and Works

4 April 2015
A biography of the writer Edgar Allan Poe.

The paper recounts the life of the author Edgar Allan Poe from birth to death and shows how there are constant references to his life experiences in most of his poems and short stories. It also discusses the impact of Poe’s writings on world of literature.
The darkness of Poe’s feelings can be seen as part of his character. However, a look at the difficulty of his young life makes it hard not to assume that this has also had a major impact. Poe was orphaned at the age of three and then was seemingly abandoned by his foster father in 1826 at the age of 17. His lack of hope after these events is expressed in his 1827 poem Dreams: In my young boyhood – should it thus be given, / ?T were folly still to hope for higher Heaven / … / And loveliness, – have left my very heart / In climes of mine imagining, apart / from mine own home (Poe The Raven 2).

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This poem was written the year Poe left home after his falling out with John Allan and expresses his feelings about this.

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