Edith Wharton

4 April 2015
This paper is a biography of author Edith Wharton and a review of her novels.

This paper examines the life and literary works of celebrated novelist Edith Wharton. The author discusses Wharton’s early biographical influences, which led to her main themes in Ethan Frome, Age of Innocence, and The Old Maid. The paper also addresses how Wharton wrote brilliantly on the issue of the rigid confinements of her own aristocratic society, impossible love, and characters who stoically accepted their fates.
Edith Wharton was born January 24th, 1862 to wealthy parents in traditional old New York . Governesses and tutors privately educated Wharton at her home and abroad. At a young age, she displayed interest in writing but was discouraged away from the arts by her family. In the late 1800s, women were still considered only worthy of becoming beautiful objects and getting married. Women were supposed to act like na?ve, innocent children. Her mother felt that Wharton should not pursue writing. Nevertheless, Wharton completed her first novella at age fourteen and published a collection of verses two years later.

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