Education and Children

5 May 2017

Beliefs about teaching and learning Being an educator means that you are someone who cares and wants to see children be successful in your class and in their futures. The reason I want to become an educator is to make a difference in a child’s life. I have worked with children for over seven years and everyday I spend with a child I learn someone new, about them and about myself. I want to give back to the community in which I was raised. I want to show them that they have helped make me become what I am today.

A teacher can make a difference in a child’s life to the good or bad if they went into the field for the wrong reason. I want to be remembered for the one who helped and made a difference a child? s life and also as good role model. Beliefs about students We are there to teach but, each day in a classroom we help the children get ready for the future. We are helping them realize what they want to become and even what they do not want. We have control of the children that are in our class and we have to decide if we are going to be role models or Just someone who pushes them to the next teacher to deal with.

Education and Children Essay Example

I want to be a role model and encourage children to do their best and do their all because what they do today will play a part on their uture. Beliefs about knowledge Some teachers believe that only certain kinds of knowledge are valid.. For example, teachers who believe authority fgures (e. g. , teachers, doctors, scientists) are the only real sources of knowledge may adopt a more behaviorist perspective about learning. They are also likely to enact transmissionist instructional techniques, such as direct instruction, founded on the notions that teachers know and students learn when teachers give them knowledge. mphasize students’ contribution to the learning process. Furthermore, these teachers tend to believe that teachers and students now and learn together and that learning happens best through dialogue and shared interaction. Discussion and discovery learning pedagogies were founded in the belief that individuals and groups can create meaningful understandings. Your beliefs about what is worth knowing I believe that his question could also be reframed as what is important.

At the end of the day students may forget what we teach them, however I believe that the goal of education should not Just be to not Just have students memorize and rececitate facts, rather to arm them with tools that will allow them to lead successful lives, and to be onscientious about their surroundings and the ways that they impact those. How educational philosophies relate to classroom practice In today’s teaching world, it’s easy for teachers to lose sight of the reason(s) for why they wanted to become a teacher in the first place.

Teachers can get so caught up with the heavy workload of teaching, and all the stress that comes with the Job, they otten torget why they wanted to teach in the tirst place. So to nave a personal philosophy of education that is instilled deeply, teachers can always remind themselves why they want to be a teacher and how they’re going to change students’ ives. I also think that a personal philosophy helps you understand what is important in your classroom, what you want to keep etc.

It also helps you see the big picture like when you experience a particularly difficult day, you might forget about the big picture and really that it what I think in the end is the most important. Educational Philosophy My educational philosophy is based on the idea that each individual is a unique learner. My role as a teacher is to give children the tools with which to cultivate their own level of knowledge. To accomplish this goal, I will teach to the needs of ach child so that all learners can feel capable and successful.

I will present curriculum that involves the interests of the children and makes learning relevant to life. I will incorporate themes, integrated units, projects, group work, individual work, and hands-on learning in order to make children active learners. Finally, I will tie learning into the world community to help children become caring and active members of society. I think that there is a large part on emphasis on educational philosophies because they help learners reach their goals- and these philosophies provide tangible ways to do so.

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