Education and Student Council Essay

7 July 2016

Student Council Essay If I were elected president I would make a difference in the school. If I were president I will help out the school by making sure we keep up with our part. I would like to add more meetings, so that people want to stay all year and not just come for a little while and then leave. I would make this happen by scheduling about one social every month. I think I will make a good president because I am trustworthy, responsible, active in the club and respectful.

I would also like to have more places where we can socialize such as a school dance or a field day after school that a lot more people come to. I would like to make these events more interactive and fun. I think I could help make the council better by making it more organized then it already is, making the meetings less stressful for everyone, and make sure that everyone participates in every activity instead of just showing up to meetings on mornings and that is the only thing they do.

Education and Student Council Essay Essay Example

I will make sure that everything is always in order and I will have thorough knowledge of the constitution and code of conduct of Woodbrook. I will help coordinate more fundraisers to raise more money for the school. I will also set a good example for the school and the council group by always following the rules and preventing other students from doing wrong. I will make sure to bring positive energy to the meetings. I will listen to every person’s suggestions and try to make them work any way possible that will help out the council team.

Students will have a memorable school year regardless of anything. I would also like to have more often stage performances like skits and speeches because some people like to perform in front of people but they have to keep this great talent bottled up inside them. This will also help people come over stage fright. I would also like to have more fund raisers because we never realize how devastating it is for people who can’t even have a proper meal a day. If you ever see these people than you would know what I am talking about or also you can look at people who have diseases and are very sick.

We can donate to hospitals and organizations such as The Red Cross. This way we can make the difference we need so we can make this world a better place for all human beings. Ways we can do this is have some bake sales in the gym, and a portion of the money we get from field trips can be charitied to corporations. Remember, every penny that we donate counts to find cures for many diseases such as smallpox, influenza, and cancer. Once we raised enough money than no one will have to deal with these malignant and serious diseases.

Some other things I am talented is problem solving and logic. These talents are useful because suppose there is a problem and we can not think of a solution and I would try to make it fair to everyone, the principal, students, and other council members. A few facts about my academic record and myself: My dream is to make this place the best it can be, we eventually succeed to be the best elementary school out of the U. S. A and then the whole world. Remember: You are in good hands with Danial Ahmed as the student council president. Sincerely, Danial Ahmed Mr. Mosko 9/18/13

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