Education in Today’s Society

4 April 2015
A discussion on how a college education offers better job opportunities and how this is essential in today’s tough economic climate.

This paper examines the reasons for the poor quality of public education in recent years. It highlights the mounting cost of education on the public and why these costs have been inflated. It continues to discuss what a graduating student can expect from the job market and what job opportunities exist for a high-school graduate. It shows the benefit of receiving a higher education and how job opportunities for college graduates are much better.
`Employment remains at the top of the list as one of the reasons to get a higher education. Today, no one can find a worthwhile job without higher education. Competition for even mediocre jobs has became much more fierce, and individuals are settling for jobs and pay that is well beneath their standards. The non-educated people are eliminated completely. An employer will not hire the high school graduate when he can find an employee with a masters degree for the same salary. Right now, more then ever before, it is an employers market.

`Besides employment, other issues to consider are ones social status. No one lives in lower income neighborhoods, or have low status friends by choice. People socialize with people who are familiar to them. Education and social status goes hand in hand.”

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