Many people see school as barrier or an obstacle that’s gets in the way, many people have different plans for their future after they graduate from High School. They might already have a Job lined up for them but furthering your education is better for you. Education can benefit you in many different types of ways. College-educated workers are more likely to receive health insurance and pension benefits, and they report higher levels of Job satisfaction. College graduates are more likely to vote and volunteer and less likely to smoke or be obese.

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College graduates generate increased ax revenue for federal, state and local governments, which spend less on income support programs for college graduates. Education is an essential ingredient on the path to professional success. Employers have increasingly used diplomas and degrees as a way to screen applicants. And once youVe landed the Job you want, your salary will reflect your credentials. Experts say that a bachelor’s degree is a good idea no matter what the major because earnings tend to rise as education levels increase. According to the U. S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education

Statistics, between 1980 and 2005 “young adults with at least a bachelor’s degree consistently had higher median earnings than those with less education” In the future I hope to graduate and move on to college where I can further my education, but not only further my education but broaden my experience. I’d like to get my generals out of the way so icon focus on getting my associates and then move on higher up the ladder till I am a professional in my field of work. I’d also like to pay off all my student loans that I get so I will not be in debt because having to pay student loans is a lot of money coming out of your pay check.

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