Educational autobiography

7 July 2016

Most people go back to school because they need a degree to obtain a higher paying job or for the thrill of lifelong learning. It’s hard to gain proper employment without it these days. Employers prefer someone with a Liberal Arts degree lacking experience over someone with years of experience and no degree. My neices’ struggles and constant encouragement from my supervisor were some factors that lead to my decison to return to school. I realized that continuing an education will be good for my personal and professional growth.

I’ve been working with the Intellectually Disabled population since 2004, I received a promotion from Direct Support worker to Group Leader supervising a group of 3 staff teaching the disabled individuals in a classroom setting. I remembered being asked by my supervisor if I had plans on furthering my education. She recommended enrolling at Audrey Cohen (she is an allumuni) for a Bachelors degree. Taking her advice I attempted to enroll, passed the entrance exam then faced roadblocks. Denied financial aid because of outstanding loans, I was forced to put attending school on hold.

Educational autobiography Essay Example

The loans since then have been resolved. Passing that hurdle did not motivate me to reapply. I had become complacent for 7 years comfortable with my status, Crystal ( my niece) had since enrolled in college and will graduate from BMCC later this year. I admire the dedication she has. Her journey has been a rough one tempting her to quit numerous times. At 24, single mother dealing with the loss of her fiance, she attends school, completes her assignments and remains focused. She shared her plans on becoming a PA (Physican Assistant) which will require her continuing school after graduation.

Her relentless struggle has inspired me to want it to. Not qualifying for more promotions, and the fear of being stuck as a Group Leader for 7 more years frightened me. Seeing job openings for MSC ( Medicaid Service Coordinator), Manager, Assistant Manager, knowing the only thing that kept me from them was a college degree filled me with resentment. I needed a change, I decided to go back to school. I enrolled and received financial aids’ approval. I started my first semester on January 27, 2014 at the College of New Rochelle. I will be working towards a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts (Psychology).

My plans upon completion are to assist others with identifying the obstacles in their lives that are preventing their emotional growth, and overcoming them. During my first class the instructor ( Mr. Gaddy) mentioned a quote by George Elliott. “It’s never too late,to be what you might have been”. I felt he was speaking directly to me. It felt lie he was speaking directly to me. It seemed that everything in my life up to this point was preparing me for where I am today. I needed to experience the roadblocks, encounter the motivators, even the resentment I felt was pushing me in the direction I needed to go, towards success!.

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