Edvard Munch & Pierre Puvis De Chavannes

4 April 2015
Analyzes Munch’s major paintings & influence of Puvis. Style, themes, aesthetics, technique, icongraphy, color and more.

Though certain compositional strategies recur regularly in the paintings and graphic works of Edvard Munch, the origins and specific uses of these strategies have not been fully investigated. The question of compositional types, and their relation to types of expression, has been subordinated to a concern with what is expressed in the individual works, and how this relates to Munch’s personal experience. Critics and scholars have, therefore, tended to assess Munch’s output in a manner that emphasizes the persistence of thematic material across such formal categories as compositional type, use of line, and others. The equally pronounced persistence of compositional strategies has only become a major subject since recent scholarship returned to the question of sources, including the formal models that influenced the forms of Munch’s expression.

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