Effect of Global Warming on Polar Bears

6 June 2016

In the recent years, different environmental studies highlight the effect of global warming on Polar Bears. Polar bears are one of those species which have been directly affected by global warming. Studies suggest that due to the lesser ice floes and erratic climatic conditions are the main contributor and culprit behind this awful situation. The reason behind the global warming situation is not only the huge industrial growth but also the emissions from burning fossil fuels which makes a negative impact on the temperature of the earth and air. (Harden, 2005).

The gradually increase in temperature melts the polar ice caps which eventually rises the sea level. This melting process also affects the ice shelves and ice floes which is the nursery of polar bears.

Effect of Global Warming on Polar Bears Essay Example

The fatal combination of global warming, melting ice caps, hunting of polar bears, lack of ice flows etc brings curse on the different vulnerable species of polar bears which is on the verge of extinct and also the prime factor behind the declines in the population of polar bears. Moreover, researchers disclosed the fact that due to the effect of global warming the population of polar bears declines at the rate of 30% in the next 35 to 50 years (Harden, 2005).


Harden, Blaine (July 9, 2005). Global warming threatens polar bears. Retrieved July       29,2009, from http://www.theage.com.au/news/world/global-warming-threatens- polar-bears/2005/07/08/1120704551713.html

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