Effect of Nazi Germany on the Jews

This paper takes a look at what caused the Holocaust, traces the progress of discrimination and oppression through society and the legislative body, and looks at the horrible outcome of the tragedy.

This paper is focused on the progression of the anti-Semitic actions of the German people in the 1930?s and 40?s. It looks at the roots of hatred, the legislation that was passed that discriminated against the Jews, an overview of the Holocaust, and the war crimes trials at Nuremberg.

From the paper:

“Hitler harbored a hatred for the Jews that was unparalleled anywhere in the world. Where this hatred stemmed from is unclear, but it was very evident that Hitler blamed the Jews for all the problems in Germany and in his own life, and that he was sincere in his convictions. When he became Fuhrer his view was not only pushed upon the public, it became a nightmare for all the Jews in Germany, and later, for all the Jewish populations of Europe.

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Hitler sought not just to eliminate their power and influence, but to wipe out the people themselves. What makes it even more ghastly is that he felt that he was doing the world a favor by these actions, and that God had selected him for this mission of purification, which he called “the Final Solution”. Using his unique speaking ability, Hitler preached that the Aryan race was the master race, and the inferior Jews were holding them back, spreading lies and evil in Germany. The story of the ordeal that the Jews in Europe endured includes the beginning of discrimination, the legislation passed against them, the concentration camps, the liberation of the camps, and the war criminals trial held in Nuremberg. All of these parts play key roles in trying to understand how this could happen and how it can be prevented from ever happening again.”

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